What Next?

Hello dear heroes.

Next session, we start on the 17th day of Wealsun in the morning. You all just woke up (those who sleep anyway) and Bam, Iroel and Valthurne show no more signs of fever.

Right now you guys are in a pretty tight spot. The labyrinth and dark islands stand between you and the town. Ahead are untold dangers. Do you press ahead or try to find your way back to town? We ended here since only Iroel and Valthurne were left in the session, but I recommend you come to a desicion of your plan before next session so we can get started right away.

Consider the following things though:

  1. Iroel’s spellbook is in town. He needs it to prepare his spells. He is willing to go back alone for it if necessary.
  2. You are getting low on rations (4 days worth remaining for each person). Prytannia and Ahnar’a can create water, but not food
  3. You are low on sunrods, (5 left) Assuming Prytannia and Ahnar’a prepared Light each day (4 times each at 30 mins per casting, thats 4 hours of light total), you used up 2 sunrods for light each day (6 hours of light each) for 2 days while Prytannia and Ahnar’a tended to the sick boys. Valthurne still has a couple of torches though.
  4. You have only 2 bedrolls between the six of you. The 3 humans and half-elf need a bed roll each otherwise will wake up fatigued the next day.  Bam suggests taking shifts on the bedrolls, since each one needs only 8 hours sleep anyway. Taking shifts, the whole party can be well rested in 16 hours.
  5. You’ve lost many days already and the tomb robbers are many days ahead of you.
  6. Aeleryn is getting impatient. He seems agitated and worried about something and insists on moving forward. He says that if you decide to turn back, he will press forward alone if he must.
  7. Coming back will mean facing the labyrinth and dark islands at least two more times each.

Post your comments and ideas here, but be sure to log in so we’ll know who wrote what.

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