Session 11 – Demon Fever

continued from Session 10

Our heroes nearly drown, caught in a water trap that is infested with demonic leeches.  A deadly fever nearly takes the lives of the men, and the party struggles for survival, lost in the tomb, low on food and supplies.

Present: Bam, Iroel, Prytannia, Valthurne
Date: Aug 7,2008

14th Day of Wealsun
Tomb of the Forgotten King. Labyrinth. Late Evening.

The majestic hound archon greets them and tells them they near the end of the labyrinth but warn them that danger may still lurk further ahead. It told them he wished he could help them further but the runes limited him to this part of the labyrinth and he could only remain on the material plane for a short time.

I Vant to Suck Your Blood

You look down on a cavern that appears natural. Openings pierce the southern and northern walls, allowing ingress and egress from several points. A deep and dark pool fills most of the room, though a rough, pebbly floor is visible to the east, and three spires of rock with flat tops jut from the water, one of them not far from where you now stand.

Without warning, the water level surged upward and flooded the entire chamber. The dark water engulfed the room within seconds then pulled them into its wet embrace. The water then pulled back to its original state but not without dragging the entire party with it. Valthurne was pushed against a stone pillar by the returning current. He latched on to the pillar, and climbed it’s slippery but jagged surface until he was safely atop it. Prytannia began to sink too. With a quick silent prayer and a surge of strength, she was able to propel herself to the nearest dry ledge and pull herself up. The effort exhausted her, but she had no time to rest. She got up quickly and scanned the water for her companions. Bam was still in the water trying to climb up the same pillar Valthurne was standing on, but without much success. Æleryn, Ahnara and Iroel were nowhere in sight.

These deadly oversized parasites from the river Styx are out for blood

These deadly oversized parasites from the river Styx are out for blood

A hissing violet and crimson worm, the size of a human leg, and covered in bony protrusions started swimming towards Bam. It was barely breaking the surface but Bam could see its toothy maw, contracting wildly in anticipation of its next meal. Bam doubled his efforts to climb the pillar. Then, a rolling mass of tiny thumb sized crimson worms surfaced in the water all around Bam. The smaller worms crawled in the spaces between his armor and clothes. Bam could feel the needle pricks as several dozends of them latched on to his skin.

“Leeches!” Bam thought as he tried to scramble up the pillar.

The larger leech swam forward and sank its toothy maw into Bam’s belly.

Valthurne was unfurling a coil of rope and lowered it to Bam to help him climb. Bam grabbed the rope and started climbing, dragging the vile creature still attached to his belly as well as the several dozens of tiny leeches all over his face and body. At the top of the pillar he quickly grabbed the large leech and ripped it off his aching stomach and tossed it aside where it writhed and gasped on dry ground. Bam would have wanted to pull out the tiny leeches still attached to his body but Valthurne was already handing him one end of the rope to hold on to right before Valthurne dove back into the leech infested water to save their remaining companions.

Iroel was sinking deeper and deeper into the pool. He did not have the strength to swim up as the weight if his wet heavy robes and pack dragged him down. He was about to slip into unconsiousness when he felt a tug from the back of his robe. A few moments later he found himself being propelled upward. The moment he broke the surface, he gave a long audible gasp for air. Valthurne was beside him with one hand supporting him above water and another hand gripping a rope that ascended up the pillar. Iroel could see Bam on top of the pillar, several black leeches still all over his neck face and arms, grimicing in pain as he held the rope steady for Iroel and Val to climb up.

Rolling swarms or wriggling bloodsuckers sapping the life out if our heroes

These rolling swarms of wriggling bloodsuckers almost sapped the life out if our heroes

Fast Forward: By this time, Ahnara and Æleryn were able to resurface and swim ashore beside Prytannia. Iroel and Valthurne kept trying to climb up the pillar but to no avail. Bam was just about ready to pass out from lack of blood. Iroel’s raven, Chealn, assisted Bam, who had his hands full by holding on to the rope, by picking off the leeches on Bam except for one…the one that was imbedded deep in his clothes (yup. its where you think it its). Iroel’s leg leech still maintains its death grip and is slowly drinking the life out of the poor elven wizard. Prytannia and the others are able to finally toss their own rope to Valthurne and Iroel and are able to pull them safely to dry land.

You Give Me Fever

The heroes retreated back to the labyrinth, wet, exhausted, and with Bam, Valthurne and Iroel severely weakened by the amount of blood they’ve lost. With no way to be able to face the dangers ahead, and with no way to safely navigate back though the labyrinth to return to town, the heroes were forced to spend the night in that section of the labyrinth. Iroel insisted on trying to find a way to get back to town, but nobody else was in any condition to make the long and dangerous trip back.

The conditions were deplorable. With only two bedrolls among the six of them, only the healers, Prytannia and Ahnar’a were granted a full nights sleep. The others suffered though the discomfort of the rock and dirt, and with their wet packs and clothes scattered out on the floor to dry.

It was about to get worse.

15th Day of Wealsun
Tomb of the Forgotten King. Labyrinth. Morning.

The next morning, Iroel, Valthurne and Bam contracted a severe fever, and started coughing up blood. Prytannia, ever the experienced healer, recognized the Demon Fever, most likely contacted from the leeches. To make things worse, Val and Iroel also developed the symptoms of Filth Fever, from their earlier encounter with the wererat Garjuk. Bam, Valthurne and Iroel were getting worse and worse. Prytannia and Ahnar’a used up all their healing skills and magic to tend to their companions, but the conditions in the tomb were less than ideal. Valthurne and Iroel and Bam were only fit to travel after two more days of care under Prytannia and Ahnar’a. During this time Iroel constantly contemplates sneaking off alone and trying to navigate the maze on his own to retrieve his spellbook, but the constant watchful and reproachful eye of Æleryn prevents him from doing so.

17th Day of Wealsun
Tomb of the Forgotten King. Labyrinth. Morning.

No sign of Demon Fever or Filth Fever from anyone, and it is time to move on. But which way? Furhter into the tomb or face the horrors of the labyrinth once more?

to be continued in Session 12

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