Session 10 – The Labyrinth

continued from Session 9

Our heroes enter a magical labyrinth. The magic of the labyrinth, once designed to aid good aligned visitors and hedge out evil ones, has faded through time.  Now the labyrinth summons fiends from the lower planes, that viciously attack any creature in its presence.

Present: Bam, Prytannia, Valthurne
Date: July 31,2008

The Labyrinth

14th Day of Wealsun
Tomb of the Forgotten King. Labyrinth. Late Evening.

Every now and then the labyrinth would open up into a larger chamber with a set of runes carved in a circle on the labyrinth floor. The runes were clearly magical, as they have witnessed, and would occasionally summon a creature from another plane once they approached. Here are the creatures that fully materialized each they came upon a rune circle:

Fiendish Monstrous Spider

Iroel warned the others that such creatures are resilient to fire and ice as well as non-magical weapons. Valthurne borrowed Ahnar’a‘s enchanted scimitar, but was overeager in his attack. His striking angle was all wrong and he ended up shattering the blue blade on the spider’s rock-hard ridges. Valthurne cursed his bad luck and claims the gods have abandoned him. Prytannia gently reminded Val that Pelor has not abandoned them and that he should have more faith. Prytannia then cast Bull’s Strength on Val. Prytannia’s spell came in handy as Val needed the boost to rip himself free of the sticky strands of web the spider threw at him. Iroel then casts his own Web spell on the spider, trapping it in place. Prytannia then cast Magic Weapon on Valthurne’s longsword, giving it a much needed enhancement to penetrate the spider’s magical defenses. Valthurne then stabbed the fiend in the mouth and left it writhing in pain until Bam finished it off.

Fiendish Monstrous Scorpion

This creature hardly had a chance. Iroel cast enlarge person on Val who dealt an insane amount of damage to the scorpion without even the benefit of weapon enchantment. Bam then charged at the scorpion and finished it off.

Magma Mephit

A small winged creature that dripped molten rock appeared before them claiming to know the way out of the maze. Val was skeptical and once the creature realized they were not falling for his ruse, he gave up and vanished in a swirl of smoke.

Lantern Archon

They then met the first friendly summoning in the labyrinth: A glowing ball of light, which Iroel identified as a lantern archon, appeared in front of them. It explained the magical nature of the maze and that the runes were designed to summon archons to guide good-aligned travelers in the maze. However the magic was old and fading, and don’t work as they should (As the heroes have witnessed earlier)

Fiendish Wolverines

The longest battle of the day so far were the two ferocious wolverines summoned from the lower planes. They clawed and bit and raked at Val until he dropped to the ground, almost unconscious from his injuries. Bam’s enchanted longsword was the only weapon able to fully penetrate the creatures’ wards. Bam slashed at the creatures repeatedly in quick but deadly strokes and gracefully jumped out of the way before the wolverines could even fight back. This infuriated the beasts even more, so they started to rush at Bam, taking their attention away from the already severely injured Valthurne. Prytannia healed the wounded soldier gently reminding him of the power of Pelor, while Bam finished off the beasts.

Hound Archon

After they defeated the last of the wolverines, the summoning runes started to light up again. As they all jumped out of the way, ready to face the another fiendish creature, they were suprised to see a tall humanoid with majestic white wings wielding a great sword standing in front of them. The humanoid had a dog’s head and red skin that seemed to glow with its own light. Valthurne turns to Iroel, not sure what he is looking at. Iroel just stood in awe as he recognized the majestic hound archon, another denizen of the celestial planes. The hound archon then opened its dog-like mouth and spoke in a booming voice that echoed throughout the room…

to be continued in Session 11

Memorable Quotes

*Bam holds up a sunrod at the lantern archon
Bam: Relative of yours?

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