Research on Magical Theory

Research on Magical Theory

To a possible future reader: In this text, I, Iroel Qvasura, shall attempt to detail the research I conduct in the arcane, both theory and application. While it is possible that the writings may be biased by my own magical preferences, I shall attempt to keep my personal opinions in the notes below each entry. If you have further details about any of these theories or applications, please contact me.

Invisibility – Warping the Sight.

Illusions is, as one might already know, the magic of deceiving. It’s goal is to hide what is real, instead causing the victim to believe that what he or she sees is the truth. One very potent use of this magic, is perhaps the greatest feat ever in applied Illusions. Invisibility. This spell, which is actually rather simple for an experienced magician, enables one to travel without being seen, for a limited time. One should keep in mind, though, that the spell hides the target from sight, but doesn’t conceal the sound at all. Therefore, one should always move as silently as possible, as a lot of questions will be inevitable if someone catches you walking around invisible.

Notes: An amazingly useful spell. I have a great amount of trouble, trying to find any other spell with more varied uses. I wonder, though, if it is possible to make the spell more resistant to detection… Hmm….

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