Items of Arcana

Items of Arcana

To a possible future reader: In this text, I, Iroel Qvasura, shall attempt to document the different arcane items and enchantments, that I encounter in my journeys, or create myself. While it is possible that the writings may be biased by my own magical preferences, I shall attempt to keep my personal opinions in the notes below each entry. If you have further information about any of these items or enchantments, please contact me.

The Cloak of Resistance

This cloak is adorned with enchanted sigils, hardly visible to the naked eye, though they seem to shine brightly to those sensitive to magical auras. Other than that, it looks like a normal cape, as one would expect to encounter. When worn, it transfers it’s enchantment of protection to it’s wearer, granting him or her a greater safety, as if warded by a normal spell. To make this cloak, one prepares a normal cloak, which one then carefully adorns with the correct symbols. The thread one uses should always be carefully woven from strands of spider silk, which is then left for an hour, and nothing more than an hour, among finely crushed agate powder. When that is done, the would-be creator casts his chosen spell of warding, which the prepared thread should then absorb into itself, forever storing it, and warding it’s wearer.

Notes: This enchantment is a rather practical one, especially for an adventurer such as I. Though I’ve never been good at abjuration, I can acknowledge the skill used in this piece of craftsmanship. A way to improve this, might be to focus, not on strengthening not the inherent defense of the wearer, but on creating a field of force around him or her. That would give an increased physical defense, though it’d leave the mind more vulnerable.

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