Valthurne’s Journal entry 1- One less empty farm


I came upon this blank journal while haggling with the local merchant and decided this would be a good way to gather my thoughts. I do not believe myself to have a way with words, nor keen wit, but I will do my best to write my thoughts…

I come from a small family in a farming community a number of leagues from Kingsholm, struggling to exist on a handful of acres of tenant farmland. It was a hard life, but a good one. I imagine I would still be on the farm had fortune not failed. Sickness struck the community and left many homes empty. I do not want to put into words my sorrow, so I will move on.

I joined the military. I am learning my training well enough and I find that I favor the battlesword (longsword). Everything is so rigid, the food is lousy and most of my superiors are pain in the nethers. I thought that I would be doing more than marching and gaurd duty. After my term of service is done, I think I’ll muster out and try to do somethng more meaningful. I can’t bring myself to return home, I don’t have the heart of a sellsword, so I think I’ll wander a bit and see what is out there. Maybe I should be an adventurer. I figure if I can lessen the burden of sorrow in other folks lives then maybe it can count for something. Maybe it can make one less empty farm.

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