Session 7 – Garjuk the Wererat

Our heroes try to get past the sly and tricky wererat Garjuk. Iroel contracts lycanthropy from the wererat’s bite and they race against time to find a cure.

Date: July 10, 2008
Present Bam, Iroel, Prytannia, Valthurne

Note: I’m still gonna finish editing the battle with Garjuk. Leave a post in the comment box for changes or additions you wish to see. Enjoy

Octagonal Room. 12th day of Wealsun. Midday

The captured Varag identifies himself as Sargus and his mate Krusik. He demans that they be released as they have already told all that they know. Our heroes reluctantly agree.

The Varags take the southern door and slam it behind them, frustrating the raven Chealn who was trying to follow them.

The Canal

Our heroes discover a chamber with a narrow canal crossing it. Two dead Varag bodies lie on the floor. Bam tracks signs of struggle and Valthurne inspects the dead bodies and is surprised that they died of hypothermia. Suddenly, a creature seemingly made of water emerged from the canal, demanding that they leave the tomb in peace, threatening a cold icy death to those who defy it. Iroel, surprised at his own courage, steps forward and pleads with the being, explaining that they have come to hunt those who have desecrated the tomb. The being accepts their claim and vanishes once more into the canal. Iroel is left shaken at the experience, apparently shocked at his own intrepidity.

Hall of the Honored

The hallway beyond was adorned with four beautifully crafted stone statues depicting what seemed to be four heroes of ages past. Behind each statue was a vault door which our heroes decide not to desecrate out of respect for the fallen heroes. Upon close inspection of the statues, Bam detects a strange anomaly on one of the statues — The dagger carried by the elven warrior turned out to be a lever of some sort. (They decide not to pull the lever just yet)

Bam listens behind the door across the hallway. hears grunting noises.
Battle with Wererat.

Iroel casts Color Spray but the wererat simply shakes of the spell. The wererat returns the favor by sinking his razor sharp teeth into the defenseless wizard’s arm. Iroel is stabbed in the back as he makes a break for the doorway. Iroel collapses to the ground as he reached the door. Ahnara drags Iroel out of the way while Val continues to engage the enemy.

None of their weapons seem to do much damage to the creature. Ahnar’a tells them silver can harm it. Valthurne tossess a silver coin at the creature and the coin bounces of the creature and rattles onto the ground (Kidding, that didn’t happen). Unfortunately, the only silvered weapons they had were Valthurne’s silvered arrows which Val hands over to expert archer Æleryn. Healers keep Val alive but Val isnt doing much damage. Aeleryn takes silver arrows from quiver and fires, but can’t fire clearly. Iroel casts enlarge person on Val. Val keeps the wererat at bay but he’s still not damaging it. Val backs away draws the creature into the hallway.

Our heroes manage to draw the wererat into the larger hallway and surround him. Working together as a team, they cleverly distract the creature long enough for Valthurne to deal a crippling blow to its spine. The wererat screams in pain and immediately surrenders.

In a whimpering voice, the wererat identifies himself as Garjuk. When asked about the others in his group, he mentions a half-elf female named Leera – a name that strikes a chord with Æleryn. Garjuk bargains for his life and offers knowledge of treasure in the tomb, as well as helping against The Master. When it was clear that the heroes were not going to accept his offer, he transforms into a dire rat and tries to scamper away. Bam blocks his path as Æleryn delivers the final blow with a silvered arrow.

Kingsholm. 12th day of Wealsun. Mid Evening

Our heroes rush back to town to try to find a cure for Iroel before he contracts lycanthropy. By good fortune, local healer Hergon Hilltopple has fresh Belladonna — a toxic plant that is also the known cure for lycanthropy. Valthurne donates his vial of antitoxin to Iroel to help him survive the poison from the Belladonna. Prytannia, Ahnar’a and Hergon work together and are able to cure Iroel just in time.

Kingsholm. 13th day of Wealsun. Morning

Once the threat of lycanthropy is passed, Iroel starts to work on identifying the cloak they found on Garjuk. It turns out to be a cloak of resistance +1, which is then given to Valthurne. Our heroes try to sell the weapons, armor and jewelry looted from the Varags. The merchant looks at the jewelry suspiciously and calls for Ian, who confirms that the jewels were clearly stolen from the town folks’ vaults. Our heroes gladly return them to their families.

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