12th day of Wealsun

My Dear Father,

There’s been some confusion over rooming here at Shiz.. I found this piece of excellent parchment in my room and decided to send you a letter.

Its been weeks and I’m sure you are wondering where your son went. I hope you understand that there comes a time in an elf’s (half-elf in my case) life that one really has to look for himself.

The good news is, I was successful in my endeavor, and have found myself. The bad news is that, when I finally found my true self, I found myself in 5,000 gold debt.

Before you overreact, you did raise a son who is happy with what nature provided. The history of the debt is a long one involving a hobgoblin, a dragon, a previously dead cleric, a gold coin, and magic mushrooms… oh wait. the magic mushrooms happened before i left. Needless to say, you will hear all about the story when I come back (and I should come back soon) but for now, all I can tell you is your son is alive and well… well, alive.

The real reason why I decided to write all of a sudden was that I was thinking about Rialis. You remember Rialis right? Torem’s kid who was always singing about the rain and an umbrella (whatever that is) and who disappeared a couple of years ago leaving all his clothes behind? Anyways, earlier today we we’re fighting a half-hobgoblin half-rat (who was more of a rat standing on two legs) and I was thinking, maybe that’s the same thing that happened to Rialis. I specifically how this wild boar was looking at me intently (definitely unlike any boar I’ve ever seen before) a few days after Rialis disappeared. I doubt if we can still confirm this, being that we did have wild pig stew that night. But it led me to think about all the different creatures I’ve seen since I left. Seems like the world is a really big place (and I can confirm that your belief that 4 Winds had castles in the sky is, indeed, false.) and there are always things of wonder to be seen (some may stab you with a rapier — a long toothpick — while you’re looking at them) and I wish you could come and see them with me.

Anyway, Iroel (the Wizard I’ve been travelling with) may start to wonder whether or not his ink bottle has a leak, so I better end here and put this back inside his pack.

Please give my love to Mother.

Your son,


“This Placemat is property of the Kingsholm Inn – Please do not steal.”

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