Godsday, 11th of the month of Wealsun.

My Dearest Listra,

It’s been days since I’ve seen you last and I think of you daily.

A lot has happened since we left for the city of Four Winds. We managed to resurrect Prytannia, Incurred a huge amount debt, I was given a castle (if i could find it. I hear it has an underground facility with particle accelerators… whatever that means), and we now find ourselves at Kingsholm – Not far from where my heart lies.

The wizard, you may remember him as the one who stole the dragon’s life from my blades, kept babbling on about some dead queen or king and a tomb of sorts. But as long as there is hope for me to repay my debt, go back to Lirian’s (the Lich king which I told you about) estate, and go on with my blissfully peaceful life, I will keep on striking down my enemies.

I am writing this in my bed at the inn where I am trying to rest (having be struck in the heart by a particularly nasty arrow – I will tell you more about it when we meet next). We will be going back into the crypts (apparently kings like to get buried with their gold… just like dragons) in a day or two.

I hope you recieve the Bronk’s shield with this letter. Hang it in your room so you will be reminded of me everytime you see it.

I will end this letter here and I hope to hear from you soon.

With my heart,


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