Session 4 – Æleryn

Our heroes discover a secret passage from the Kingsholm mausoleum leading deeper underground. They meet the secretive Æleryn , get a zombie fist to the face, and learn more about the lost tomb.

Date: June 19, 2008
Æleryn, Bam, Iroel


9th Day of Wealsun.
Kingsholm Maosoelum.

As they prepare to descend new tunnel that appeared at their feet, Bam realizes that they are being watched. Alerted by a faint shuffling of feet in the corridor behind them, Bam tells the others that they are not alone. Iroel is quick to draw his bow as he calls out to their would be stalker to show himslef. A lone white haired elf emerges from the shadows, arms crossed in front of him in the common gesture of non-aggression. Iroel addresses the stranger in Elven.

Who are you and what are you doing here?

“I mean you no harm, I followed you from the tavern”

Why did you follow us?

Æleryn: I seek something that might be within these tombs

And then why didn’t you show yourself earlier?
Æleryn: I wasn’t sure about your intentions here…
Æleryn: seems we all have business here. safety in numbers?

What business do you have here?
Æleryn: I’m afraid that’s something I need to keep to myself…for now.
No. This is a dangerous place. We can’t have you here if you keep secrets. We need a reason to trust you.

An uneasy temporary alliance is made with by the party and the elf Æleryn, who refuses to reveal his reasons for being in the tomb, but at the same time assures the party that they are best served by facing the tombs dangers by working together.

Sharp Teeth and a Big Fist

9th Day of Wealsun.
Underneath the Kingsholm Maosoelum.

The party, consisiting of Valthurne, Prytannia, Bam, Iroel, Ahnar’a and now Æleryn, descent the tunnel to the darkness below. A sunrod dropped into the tunnel revealed a stone landing that seemed empty.

Just then, an eerie howl filled the chambers below as they made their descent.

“More undead. Ghostly sounds mock the sounds of the living,” Iroel said forebodingly.

“Wolves…”, Bam whispered, already peering around a corner.

Two skeletal wolves greedily awaited them at the bottom of the stairs shortly off the chamber floor. They make no attempt to climb the stairs. They stood there. Waiting.

Iroel eagerly rushed forward to try his Disprupt Undead spell, but misses. Æleryn stabs at the skeletons with the pointy end of a rapier. Bam borrowed prytannia’s mace and joined Valthurne in smashing at the skeletal wolves.

Prytannia looked at her empty hands where her mace used to be before Bam grabbed it from her. She sighed then calmly raised her holy symbol and said a short prayer. A bright pulse of light burst forth from her medallion. The holy aura of her turning spread across the room and sent the skeletal wolves running down a second flight of stairs and into the darkness.

Bam and Valthurne swung their maces at the retreating wolves. One fell into a pile of broken bones under their weapons.  Valthurne ran down the stairs to finish of the escaping skeleton when  he was interrupted by a big fist of rotting flesh to the face which knocked him out and to the ground.

Turning attempts by Prytannia prove useless against the large creature who remains in darkness at the end of the second staircase. Bam quickly responds with a CLW and calls a retreat.

The Legend of Tomb of the Forgotten King

9th Day of Wealsun.
Crown and Cabbage Inn. Kingsholm.

Barely escaping the unknown horror, the heroes return to town to know more about the tomb and recover from their wounds. Ian Turnbrand listens to their recall of the events intently.

You have been beyond the wall marked with the Beholder carving? My family has lived here for generations and we have never heard of anyone passing beyond that wall. These things you speak of are strange indeed. I suggest you speak to Bajantha, our local diviner, or Kertha Tims our local historian. They may know more about the history of those tombs

A short trip to Kertha Tims later:

Kertha Tims You seek knowledge of the tomb of the Forgotten King? Many an adventurer have come here, believing a great king lies entombed with great treasure somewhere in these lands. The only clues they have are the town mausoleum and the statue in the hills even further north. They stay in town a few days, scour the areas around the mausoleum and the statue, then leave empty handed.
Bajantha I personally believe the lost tomb is connected to the mausoleum by some secret passage. You may very well have found that passageway by going beyond the Beholder’s Wall. Although from your story, I still do not know why the wall has opened for you.
Kertha Tims Perhaps it’s something about your group. Perhaps the stars are in the right place. Perhaps the magic that binds the wall has faded away or been broken. Perhaps this has something to do with the bodies in the tomb arising as undead.”
Bajantha Whatever the reason, you could very well be walking into the tomb of a king from ages past. I suggest you be on your guard at all times”

Bam then proceeded to flirt with Kertha Tims, who then spouted several theories about the identity of Bam, including accusing him of being an incubus with devilish intent of impregnating her with demon spawn, or a lycanthrope trying to create an army of half-elven werewolves, or an agent from a mysterious organization planning to silence her for her progress in her research. Bam’s persistence was rewarded however as he noticed Kertha blush and giggle when winked at her as they left.

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