Tutorial 1c:Attack and Damage


To make an attack, you roll 1d20 and add the relevant modifiers. If this roll is greater than or equal to the target’s AC, it is a hit.

Melee Attack Roll = 1d20 + Str Modifier
Ranged Attack Roll = 1d20 + Dex Modifier
Bread Roll = Bread + Filling
Drum Roll = Drum + Suspenseful Beat

If you have the Weapon Finesse Feat, and are using a Light Weapon, you may use your Dex Modifier in place of your Str Modifier in your Melee Attack Roll
Rolling a 20 is an Automatic Hit and Critical Threat
Rolling a 1 is an Automatic Miss

If you hit your opponent, you roll for damage.

Melee Damage = (Weapon Damage) + Str Modifier
Ranged Damage = (Weapon Damage)

Thrown Weapons and Composite Bows add Str Modifier to damage rolls.
Magic Weapons, like a +2 longsword for example, adds its numerical modifier to attack and damage rolls. Its not important for you to know since you won’t be getting any

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