Announcement for Episode 9

This week in Red Hand of Doom:

It’s only a few days until the party reaches the barricade to the north. No one knows what to expect. One thing is certain, the barricade must fall. The survival of many (including our heroes) depend on it.

Join us on Friday, December 11, 2009 for the year ending episode of  Red Hand of Doom. Check your local time for airdates:

5 am – PST
6 am – Arizona (MST)
8 am – Pennsylvania (EST)
2 pm – Denmark and Germany
9 pm – Philippines


  • No leveling up for players who have not yet answered the survey. Check your email.
  • The game, as stated, is on Friday, not Thursday. Different day, same time. If you haven’t confirmed, please do.
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Laucian’s Diary: Leaving with Strangers

7th Day of Richfest

I cannot believe I was roped into this pathetic band. Their leader, or so it seems, is too preoccupied with making a deal with the giants that have long since abandoned their home to see the urgency of action. Their wizard, the one that burned our forest was reluctant to perform a simply attonement and only went through with it after a lot of coaching from Ereb.


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Episode 8 (Season 4) XP Rewards

Total XP

Char (lvl) Prev In-Game Diary Total XP
Bam (6)* 20,800 + 600 21,400
Yngvar (5) 11,550 + 667 12,217
Iroel (6) 18,885 + 600 19,485
Jorr (6) NPC
Laucian (5)* 14,210 + 667 + 375 15,252
Valthurne (6) 19,547 + 600 20,147

*Eligible to level up after resting 8 hours


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Episode 7 (Season 4) XP Rewards

Total XP

Char (lvl) Prev In-Game Diary Total XP
Bam (6) 19,475 + 1,325 20,800
Fengell (5) / Yngvar (5) 10,000 + 1,550 11,550
Iroel (6) 17,560 + 1,325 18,885
Jorr (6) NPC
Laucian (5) 12,660 + 1,550 14,210
Valthurne (6) 18,222 + 1,325 19,547


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Puzzle Solved!


As the winner of yesterday’s Puzzle Challenge, Sage  gets to pick one item from the list to appear on the hobgoblin cache. As runners up, Adrian, Irik and Martin also pick one, but only among the elixirs.



Since the Lightning Bolt that killed Bam was shown to be illegal, I will allow a re-roll of all the events of the last round of combat (round 16). But before that, Bam will still get his turn at the end of round 15. Quantum physics and the multiverse theory require us to re-evaluate events that that have emerged from changed root causes.

We will begin next session on Bam’s turn, then proceed to round 16.

Rules for Re-Enactment

  • No basing off prior knowledge: Nobody knows a Lightning Bolt is waiting as none have been fired. This means no switching to bows! Valthurne only did so after seeing Bam fried extra crispy.  But in this re-enactment, that hasn’t happened (yet).
  • No healing:  At this point you were all very confident that the battle was practically won. Those near the caster would especially not have spent one action to heal instead of attacking.
  • If this extends beyond round 16, and it becomes clear that its advisable to switch to bows, then (and only then)  is this  allowed. Same goes for healing.
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Save a Life, Win Experience Points Promo!

To those of you who missed the game [Season 4 Episode 7], here is a recap of the deaths of Bam and Bloodmoon. Read this and have a chance to win XP or treasure!

Bloodmoon jumped down 30 feet into a dell crawling with hobgoblins. He fell prone after the jump and was instantly surrounded. On his attempt to get up, 3 hobgoblins attacked simultaneously, knocking him unconscious. No party member was able to reach him before his barbarian rage ended, resulting in his death.

Bam’s last moments occurred when a hobgoblin caster, on his turn, made his will save and broke free of the Iroel’s Hold Person. The hobgoblin then cast Lightning Bolt which burned a hole into Bam’s chest, quickly ended Bam’s life.

Adrian however noticed a small error in the way the rules were handled. This got me thinking if I missed another thing. Interestingly I did. Here is a summary of what happened. (Please correct me if i got something wrong) Note that I did not include Bloodmoon’s actions as he is busy being dead at this point.

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The Philippines Mentioned in Doctor Who “The Waters of Mars” Episode

The year is 2059. The Doctor runs into first human colony on Mars: a space station operated by an international crew. One of the colonists detects the presence of the Doctor and naturally presumes him to be human. She then speculates which country might have sent him:

“It’s the Philippines,” she says. “I’ll bet. If there’s someone else on Mars, it’s got to be the Philippines. All those stories about them building a rocket.”


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Session 6 (Season 4) XP Rewards

Total XP

Char (lvl) Prev In-Game Diary Total XP
Bam (6) 19,025 + 450 19,475
Fengell (5) 13,035 + 500 13,535
Iroel (6) 17,110 + 450 17,560
Jorr (6) NPC
Laucian (5) 12,160 + 500 12,660
Valthurne (6) 17,772 + 450 18,222


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Leaving Drellin’s Ferry

Season 4 Episode 6
November 19, 2009

The party leaves Drellin’s Ferry to deal with the hobgoblin blockade to the north. Along the way, they rescue a young boy from a swarm of flesh eating centipedes.

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Announcement for Episode 6

This week in Red Hand of Doom:

Will Iroel finally unlock the powers of Banrhialorg? Will Valthurne keep his oath to old Warklegnaw? Will Bloodmoon’s axes taste more blood? Will Laucian regret joining the party?  Will Bam show up?

Find out on Thursday, November 19, 2009 for the ongoing saga of Red Hand of Doom. Check your local time for airdates:

5 am – PST
6 am – Arizona (MST)
8 am – Pennsylvania (EST)
2 pm – Denmark and Germany
9 pm – Philippines

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